Ryan Lochte charged for making false statements to the police

Shortly after Ryan Lochte was summoned back to Brazil to testify about the questionable (read: demonstrably false) statements he made to the police about an armed robbery that never happened, police officially charged Lochte for filing a false report.

In a statement the police said “Ryan Lochte was charged with the crime of falsely reporting a crime.”

“Once he is summoned, whether he turns up or not, the penalty is the same,” said Rio police official Clemente Braune. “If he is summoned and does not turn up to the hearing, the trial will go ahead in the accused’s absence until the final sentence is given.”

According to the AP, the crime carries a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison but, if he were found guilty, it’s unlikely he would be extradited.

Lochte, who originally claimed he and several other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint after their cab was pulled over, fled Brazil last week before it became clear that his initial story was completely false. His fellow teammates seem to be off the hook after cooperating with the police and making donations to local charities.

[Yahoo | AP | Photo: Getty]

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