Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots attacked by fans at Reading and Leeds Festival

While performing the song “Car Radio” Friday night at Reading and Leeds Festival in England, Tyler Joseph, the lead vocalist for Twenty One Pilots was attacked by fans as he attempted to crowd surf from the stage to another platform. He can be heard calling out to his friend and drummer Josh Dun for help. Fans, those that weren’t at the show ripping his clothing to shreds and assaulting the guy, shared their outrage, noting the musician’s record of stopping his own shows should a fan ever feel unsafe.

When Joseph finally emerges from the crowd, he appears terrified and battered, with shoes missing and his shirt torn to pieces. Another form of despicable fan behavior, cyberbullying, recently lead to Justin Bieber deleting his Instagram. Now, this can be difficult to remember, but celebrities, even the really cool ones, are human beings filled with blood and guts and poop and feelings, just like us. Let’s treat them that way so they can keep creating music that makes us feel good.