Another photo of Donald Trump and 15-year-old Ivanka that you can’t unsee

Donald Trump has never hidden the fact that Ivanka Trump is clearly his favorite daughter. They have a particularly close relationship given that she was his opening act at the RNC, she works for his company, and she’s prone to taking rather close, intimate, eyebrow-raising photos with her dad.

If there’s one thing a Getty search has told us about teen Ivanka, it’s that she just can’t stay off of her father’s lap. You might recall this memorable Vanity Fair photo in which 15-year-old Ivanka is caressing her dad’s face and gazing at him with the kind of affection typically reserved for newlyweds.

If that’s how unsettling the posed photos are, imagine how creepy the candid photos can get. Case in point: This 1996 shot from Trump’s Florida Mar-A-Lago estate where father and daughter are taking in a Beach Boys show on the premises. It looks like then-15-year-old Ivanka is having a good time and grooving to the music…right on her dad’s lap.


Notice how then-wife Marla Maples is off in the distance, as if she’s playing the third wheel in her own marriage.

What, you didn’t grind on your dad when you were a teen?

[h/t @ashleyfeinberg | Photo: Getty]