Pablo Escobar looks like every other dad at Disney World

Anyone who has watched the Netflix series “Narcos” knows that Medellín cartel boss Pablo Escobar was one frumpy-ass dresser given how he was an obscenely wealthy cocaine trafficker. Check out this look book of dowdy sweaters and dad jeans worn by series star Wagner Moura.

A good indication of how powerful and terrifying Escobar was in his heyday is evidenced by the fact that he dressed like a Cathy Guisewite doodle  and no one could say shit to him about it.


Does this look like a guy who has ordered assassinations on rival traffickers and politicians or a divorced accountant on casual Friday?


This brings me to some real-life photos of Escobar looking normcore as fuck while on a family vacation at Disney World in 1981. According to Dangerous Minds, Escobar traveled to the theme park with his wife, mother, two children, brother, cousin, and a bodyguard in tow from a Miami Beach vacation house the drug lord supposedly rented from “Julio Iglesias and one of the Gibb brothers of the Bee Gees.”

In the top image, you can see Escobar man spreading in some roomy relaxed fit jeans which are roomy enough for his considerable dad gut while looking after his kids.

Escobar decided to class it up a little and put on a shirt that screams “Miami drug dealer” while accompanying his brood through the Swiss Family Treehouse in Adventureland.


The second season “Narcos” episode “Deutschland 93″ features Moura’s Escobar reminiscing about his trip to the theme park, remarking that it’s “beautiful. It’s very organized. Very clean.”

Escobar was able to travel freely through the park because at that time, his cover as a legitimate business man was still intact, despite the fact that he was probably responsible for supplying Colombian marching powder to all of Florida at that point. Given that he was still a few years away from being outed as a cartel leader and trafficker, there was no reason to suspect that Escobar was different than any other dad at Disney World.

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