Mark Zuckerberg’s Simpsons’ Appearance Better Than Sting’s, Slightly Worse Than Aerosmith’s

Mark Zuckerberg’s Simpsons appearance last night was quite good.

Mark Zuckerberg appeared on “The Simpson’s” last night, sounding like Kermit the Frog and looking a bit more like Luke Perry than his usual self.

In his brief cameo at a career fair, he explains to Lisa and Nelson Muntz that college is pointless. Zuck, after all, has the best type of degree: “honorary, baby.”

This was another round of good PR for Zuckerberg, who is depicted as an egomaniacal trickster in the #1 film of the weekend, “The Social Network.” As the CEO of largest social network in the world, users have an unfavorable view of him for his methodical approach towards dismantling long-held privacy standards.

Though Zuckerberg’s cameo was great, it wasn’t the best. He did slightly better than Sting’s early nineties appearance, but nowhere near as great as Aerosmith’s.