Police in California release video of shooting of unarmed black man

Police in El Cajon, California released video of the fatal shooting of Alfred Olango on Friday.

The 38-year-old was shot and killed on Tuesday by two police officers in the parking lot of a restaurant. The two videos released by the police were from a surveillance camera at the restaurant and a witness’ cell phone. Initially the police were not going to release the video until after the investigation was completed, but after protests on Thursday night the mayor, police chief, and sheriff decided to make the video available earlier.

Initially only a still image had been released. The image showed Olango holding something and taking what the police called a “shooting stance.” The object Olango had in his hands turned out to be a vaping device.

A woman who said she was Olango’s sister called the police on Tuesday because he was “not acting like himself,” and said that he was unarmed and mentally ill. The woman who called 911 has not been cooperating with the police. Olango’s mother disputes the caller’s claim that her son was mentally ill, though.

“He wasn’t mentally ill, never. He was going through a mental breakdown,” she said. “He lost someone dearly…mental breakdown was not easy to control, he needed someone to calm him down.”

The videos of the shooting were shown during a press conference on Friday and can be found below. Keep in mind these are videos of a fatal shooting and may be disturbing to some.

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