Trump PAC hopes radio ad will fool black voters into thinking Obama is the real racist

A pro-Trump super PAC has released a radio advertisement targeting black voters that takes two audio recordings of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and portrays them vastly out of their original context to make both sound as though they are racists who are deceiving black Americans.

“Now, a message from President Barack Obama,” begins the ad, produced by Great America PAC. The president’s voice can then be heard decrying “plantation politics” and voting for Democrats as “selling our souls for a Christmas turkey” — the suggestion being that he and the Democratic Party knowingly use the black community to get elected with no intention of helping or listening to it. The ad closes with Clinton’s voice declaring “I am a white supremacist.”

The audio of President Obama is taken from the audiotape of his book “Dreams of My Father,” wherein the president is actually quoting the words of his older barber. The Clinton audio is taken from a speech in which the candidate voiced her opposition to a school voucher program and imagined a hypothetical parent who wanted to send their child to an imagined “School of the Church of the White Supremacists” on the government’s dime.

The ad, airing next week in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, hopes African-American voters will be easily fooled by the audio into voting for Trump. We’ll see how that works out. President Obama currently holds an 86 percent approval rating among black Americans. Trump is hovering somewhere between zero and one percent. Patronizing ads that insult their target’s intelligence sure is one strategy, I guess.