Trump on accusations he’s a Russian puppet: ‘No, you’re the puppet!’

The 2016 election has been filled with claims that Russia is trying to meddle in our precious election and undermine our beautiful sweet democracy. In the middle of a segment that was supposed to be about immigration, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump veered way off course and decided to talk about Vladimir Putin during Wednesday night’s debate. Clinton quipped that Putin liked Trump better than her “because he’d rather have a puppet as president.” Trump went off.

Turning into a combination of Towelie and George Bluth Sr., Trump shouted, “No puppet! No puppet!”

Clinton attempts to continue her response only for Trump to interject, “You’re the puppet!” Clinton gets a few more words in, but Trump has just one more thing to say.

“No, you’re the puppet,” Trump exclaims with the grace of a seven-year-old.

It’s really a shame this beautiful friendship never came to be.

Trump seems pretty bitter about getting rejected.

This man is so easily riled up, there’s no way he wouldn’t be a liability on any official diplomatic visits. Unless of course he totally chickens out like he did in Mexico, and then just gets into a Twitter fight with heads of state — an incident Clinton hit Trump on earlier in the debate.

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