Did I just drop acid or is this actually the new Trump Indian-American outreach ad?

We had to confirm that this new Hindu/Indian-American outreach ad from Donald Trump’s campaign wasn’t a “Tim and Eric” edit of the real one, but nope, this is apparently it, and nope, you’re not on drugs. (Well, maybe you are, but either way this ad sure is, um, something.)

Shalli Kumar, an Indian-American donor to Trump, confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the spot was not being aired on Adult Swim, but Indian-American television stations up to 20 times a day in advance of this weekend’s Diwali festivals. It was produced by the Indian-American Advisory Council, which Kumar chairs. Trump’s campaign reportedly paid for and endorsed the ad.

The majority of the ad’s footage, including Trump’s closing proclamations of “We love the Hindus!” and “We love India!”, was shot at a GOP Hindu Coalition charity event organized by Bollywood stars in New Jersey last weekend. (“I have a coworker who was at the event,” one friend of Death and Taxes claimed, “and said it was exactly as bonkers as you’d expect.”) Trump also sat down to record a brief section in Hindi, “Ab ki baar, Trump sarkar,” which translates to “This time, a Trump government.”

As you may have been able to guess from the video, it reportedly took Trump “about 15 takes” to get the sentence down, and even then, it’s not exactly what most would call a seamless delivery.

Trump’s campaign did not publicly announce the ad, or respond to requests for comment from BuzzFeed.

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