Parker Spitzer Debut: Uncomfortable Giggles and Ass Kissing Ensue

Earlier this week CNN premiered “Parker Spitzer,” a lousy attempt to even the cable news war playing field.

Parker Spitzer Debut: Uncomfortable Giggles and Ass Kissing Ensue

Critics are already panning the show, calling it “CNN’s worst show yet.” Disgraced former Governor Elliot Spitzer co-hosts the program with Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, who, to quote “Bright Lights, Big City,” has a voice that sounds like “the New Jersey state anthem played through an electric shaver.”

Spitzer and Parker have about as much chemistry as Alec Baldwin and Kim Basigner. There is awkward body language, uncomfortable smiling, and out of place quips.

The Social Network” writer Aaron Sorkin was one of the first guests on “Parker Spitzer.” The interview was a six-minute love fest –Spitzer and Parker giggled and said how much “West Wing” meant to America while Sorkin bashed Sarah Palin—though not without warrant. Sorkin referred to Palin as “jaw droppingly incompetent,” then went on to say “the Democrats moved to the center but the Republicans have moved into a mental institution”—a line he cough borrowed from Bill Maher.

The show airs at 8 p.m. which puts it in direct competition with Fox New’s “O’Reilly Factor.” Time will only tell what this show will do for CNN’s ratings—though they did add a blond to the team, which must count for something in the cable news world.