NBC decides not to air ‘SVU’ episode about President-elect Trump’s rape accusation

Before the plaintiff dropped the case last week, America had been faced with a potential reality where legal counsel for the president-elect would have to appear in court before Inauguration Day to defend the country’s next leader against accusations that he had raped a 13-year-old girl. While the accused rapist will still be president come January, the National Broadcasting Company, who used to employ the accused, has decided not to air an episode of “Law and Order: SVU” inspired by his alleged transgressions.

In classic “Law and Order” ripped from the headlines fashion, an episode of “SVU” based on the child rape case against Donald Trump was originally set to air on October 12, before being rescheduled to October 26. That airdate ended up being scrapped as well, when NBC decided to show the episode November 16, a week after the election. Now that Trump has actually won, the network has for all intents and purposes decided to shelve it indefinitely.

On the one hand, who needs this episode anymore, considering what has happened in the real world over the last 48 hours is more horrifying than anything Benson and Fin could be confronted with in fiction. I have a feeling all of us will be desiring a bit more escapism from our entertainment in the next four years. At the same time, it’s hard not to see this as NBC, once again, cowering with its tail between its legs. But I really don’t know that I want an Ice-T quip about the future leader of the free world’s lecherous and predatory behavior. It’d be an empty catharsis. A sick joke. The episode’s title is “Unstoppable.”

[Jezebel | Photo: Getty]