Bernie Sanders still reminding everyone that climate change will kill us all

With the news that Donald Trump is already trying to remove the US from the Paris climate agreement that seeks to put a stop to rising global temperatures, Bernie Sanders is here to remind everyone once again that climate change is going to kill us all.

Speaking with John Dickerson on “Face the Nation,” Sanders remarked “What astounds me, and I hope this changes very quickly, is we now have a president-elect who actually does not believe that climate change is real.”

“I worry very much what this means for our kids, and our grandchildren, and the future of this planet,” Sanders continued. “And millions of people are gonna have to tell him, Mr. Trump, you are dead wrong, and we’re gonna have to transform our energy system.”

Sanders’ overall point was that neither Clinton’s nor Trump’s campaign actually focused on the important issues. Trump would complain about emails and Clinton would hit Trump for being sexist. Obviously sexism is a huge problem, but Sanders argues that the economy and the health of the planet are far more important to the American electorate.

Sanders also spoke about what he thinks the Democratic Party should do with Trump moving forward. The basic idea being if Trump truly wants to help the working class, that’s fine, but “we will not accept racism, we will not accept sexism, or xenophobia.”

Dickerson asked Sanders if he agreed with Newt Gingrich’s assessment that Trump’s campaign was not fueled by those thing, to which Sanders scoffed and said “I’m afraid Mr. Gingrich is wrong.”

“I’m not saying that’s all it was built on,” Sanders hedges. “But when you begin your campaign by talking about throwing 11 million people who are undocumented out of the country, or building a wall with Mexico, or preventing Muslims — one of the largest religions in this country, in the world I should say — coming into this country, of course, to a large degree it was built on it.”

[h/t The Hill]