Live Review: Tim Kasher Brings “Monogamy” To NYC

Last night, Tim Kasher (of Cursive and The Good Life) brought his solo act to a sold out house at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Kasher is touring in support of his newly released album “The Game of Monogamy.”

Tim Kasher

I was expecting Kasher to perform acoustic sans backup, but he played with a full band, complete with trumpet and violin—a very appropriate touch considering the often-dramatic content of his songs.

To say “The Game of Monogamy” is a heavy album would still probably be underestimating its depth. “Monogamy” is an introspective journey through the tortures of relationships. Kasher candidly tears off the cover to his heart and gives a tour of his soul—a ride that exposes his self doubt, temptations, regrets, and intimate details of his past relationships. You would think that a show like this would be kind of a bummer—Kasher kicked ass rocking out every chance he got.

Musically the band sounded good, but it was Kasher’s lyrics and unflinching delivery that got everyone’s attention. If Raymond Carver played the guitar and were still alive his songs would sound something like Kasher’s. When Kasher played “Strays”, he ruefully sang, “Writers are selfish, Writers are Egotists; I’m afraid I’m as bad as it gets. I keep forgetting to censor the truth, that’s why I better write some kind of love song for you.”

Listening to Kasher sing “Cold Love” could make even the most romantic poet renounce marriage forever. “The sheltered life of a couple, It’s like living inside of a bubble…And, God forbid, Cupid ever finish what he started. Instead, he left us stranded and broken hearted.”

Kasher lightened things up when he sang, “There Must be Something I’ve Lost” – A humorous but realistic take on becoming an adult. Kasher shouted, “I want to have sex with all my old girlfriends again. I swear it’s just the familiarity I miss…Aw fuck it-it’s just typical male conquest. You know, the world don’t revolve around your prick. Just ask your old girlfriends.”

Kasher played all of “Monogamy”, a few Good Life songs, and even snuck in a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire.”

Tim Kasher is playing an extensive US tour though November. If you get the chance, go see him—just don’t bring your girlfriend.