Watch white female Trump voter go on racist rant in Chicago store

On Wednesday, a white woman in what appears to be a Chicago Michael’s craft store went on a 45-minute screeching racist rant directed at African-American and Hispanic employees. Judging from the woman’s howls, the incident appears to have started when she was asked to purchase a large shopping bag. Calling the store’s employees “animals,” she claims she is being discriminated against as a white Trump voter (FYI: reverse racism does not exist) and accents the real discrimination she is doling out with: “and I voted for Trump, so there!”

The ten-minute portion of the lengthy rant that was caught on camera was videotaped by another white woman, shopping with a small child. The star of the video is livid that another white woman would feel compelled to videotape her (more white women did vote for Trump than Hillary Clinton) and goes off on her as well, yelling: “Why don’t you go home to your husband who is cheating on you.”

Okay then. The upsetting video is one of many incidents of filmed racism in the name of Trump post-Election Day. Earlier in November a white male Trump voter was caught on camera calling African-American Starbucks employees “trash” and also claiming the mythical reverse racism.

Watch below if you feel like further fucking up your Sunday.

Another video has emerged of the same woman having an unhinged meltdown at employees of a Chicago coffee shop.

[h/t V 103]