Patti Smith has some trouble with the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s song at Nobel Prize ceremony

Bob Dylan chose not to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm on Saturday, sending Patti Smith in his stead. In addition to accepting the Nobel Prize in Literature for Dylan, Smith performed his 1963 song “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall,” and she had a few problems with the second verse.

Smith totally blanked on the words for a bit and apologized about being nervous, which prompted applause from the audience. After a quick reset, Smith gets through the rest of the song basically without incident.

Save for that one hiccup, Smith delivers a lovely rendition, and in her defense, there’s a ton of words in “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall.” The whole thing is just a list of surreal images the narrator has seen, and remembering what order they go in is a daunting task.

[h/t Open Culture]