John Mayer implied that Taylor Swift’s birthday is ‘the lamest day of the year’

Tuesday was Taylor Swift’s birthday. There’s no reason anyone should know this information offhand. The only reason I know it is because it’s my job to read the entire goddamn internet every day. Perhaps John Mayer forgot that it was his ex Swift’s birthday when he tweeted that December 13 was “the lamest day of the year, conceptually.” Or maybe he was painfully aware that it was Swift’s birthday and decided to unleash a scorching subtweet. Either way, he thought better of it and deleted the tweet. Unfortunately for Mayer, screenshots are forever.

Granted, Mayer could have been talking about the fact that Kanye West and his entourage paraded through Trump Tower to meet with the tangerine-hued fascist-elect. Perhaps Mayer never got over Saint Celestine V resigning from the papacy to resume a his previous life as a hermit on December 13, 1294. Perhaps Mayer is referring to December 13,1993, when Slash joined Billy Joel onstage to solo on the song “Shameless.” Maybe he’s taking issue with the United States bombing Hanoi on December 13, 1966, as part of Operation Rolling Thunder. Mayer strikes me as a Vietnam War history buff.

Occam’s Razor, however, seems to fall on Mayer and his “white supremacist” dick taking a petty dig at an ex who immortalized his fuck boy behavior in a song.

In any case, Mayer tweeted out a damage control missive, deleted it, and then tweeted the screenshot.

Good job, jackass.

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