Trump’s national security advisor mishandled classified info in Afghanistan

Donald Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn, the guy who led the “Lock her up” chants at the Republican National Convention, improperly shared government secrets with foreign military officers while serving as the U.S. military intelligence chief for Afghanistan in 2010, according to The Washington Post. While he lacked authorization for sharing the classified information, records show he was never disciplined or reprimanded over the leak after an investigation concluded he had not acted knowingly.

While the investigation had previously been made public, Flynn had publicly stated he had permission to share the information. These newly released Army records reveal he was lying.

The investigation’s findings that Flynn was unaware he was not supposed to be sharing the information is of little comfort considering his then and future job titles contain the words “intelligence” and “security.” Presumably, if you’re an advisor or chief on either of those topics, you’d hopefully know what stuff you’re allowed to divulge and with whom. It’s also more than a little hypocritical, considering Flynn said Hillary Clinton should be in prison for putting “our nation’s security at extremely high risk with her careless use of a private email server.”

“If I, a guy who knows this business, if I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today,” Flynn said at the time of Clinton. I guess that’s two more lies. He isn’t in jail, and he obviously isn’t “a guy who knows this business.”

[Washington Post | Photo: Getty]