Metallica and Billy Eichner filmed wilding out at a supermarket deli counter

In a Hollywood grocery store, the middle-aged members of Metallica rocked out with the butcher and a handful of supermarket shoppers as their hit “Enter Sandman” blasted through a speaker nestled in an otherwise empty grocery cart. Rather than just livin’ like a rockstar on a Friday afternoon, the party at the meat counter was part of a filmed segment for comedian Billy Eichner’s show “Billy on the Street,” according to TMZ. On-brand for the band to choose the meat counter for the throw down, gotta maintain that metal cred. The organic food aisle would make sense if this was dear Dave Matthews Band, but it’s Metallica we’re talking about.

And just look how much fun the butcher is having. He throws a two-handed sign of the horns and everything. That’s how you know this was filmed in California, where the sunshine keeps souls alive, and not New York, where Eichner and crew would risk being threatened with a cleaver for holding up customers with such shenanigans.