Keep calm and resist

Trump is president. It sucks. He will either be a tyrant for the ages or an accidental stooge of monumental ineptitude. And it remains to be seen who will get the better of each other, Trump or Speaker Paul Ryan, or maybe even Putin? But the job of Democrats should be crystal clear.

Fight this administration in every way, in every arena. Delegitimize this president until he and his twisted version of our politics have been wiped from the face of the earth. Just try not to burn too many flags, huh? It’s not the best look. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. God bless Michelle Obama, but going high didn’t get us shit. Now is when we need to fight. Trump is the kind of man you want to see fail, and there’s nothing Americans love more than smashing an idol. When you’re on top there’s only one place to go.  

After election failures there is always the natural liberal inclination to sulk in smug victimhood and nurse wounds with the knowledge that their ideas and values were right — it’s just everyone else that’s stupid. We’re all too content to point out Republican hypocrisy and call it confrontation, as if Republicans actually understand or care. Don’t do this. Don’t be the victim, especially not to this gaggle of asshats. This isn’t about being a hater and sore loser; that’s what third parties are for. This is about being the faithful, loyal opposition.

Before he was even president, Trump already called the stories of his Russia piss parties a “witch hunt.” Well, guess what, motherfuckers? It’s open season on witches, there’s a coven in the White House, the Potomac is a big river and we got nothing but time. We’re gonna find out whose ass floats.

He spent the week before his inauguration getting into feuds with Meryl Streep and John Lewis while rumors of Russia piss videos swirled around him. There may be more people in DC to protest this presidency than to celebrate its inauguration. His cabinet is a Republican wet dream of hilarious ineptitude and unimaginable corruption. His will be an administration of rule through obfuscation. Government by gaslight. This hardly seems sustainable, especially for one of the weakest incoming presidents ever. In the meantime, do anything and everything possible to drag this illegitimate bastard administration’s approval ratings so far down it shrivels up and dies. Make it clear that entering politics will make Trump’s life a living hell.

And if the motherfuckers in charge are straight Nazis, you should be happy to fight these bastards. You should take pride in it. You should wake up every morning with nothing but their pain on your mind and lay head to pillow every night dreaming of ways to ratfuck them. Even if you fail, you went down swinging.

Trump has a sadistic streak. He genuinely takes pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on his victims. He seems incapable of separating his opponents from his enemies. America is the same way. He has a lot of power right now but no mandate, and he seems to be on a kamikaze mission. Trump, ghoulish as he may be, is not just what you’re standing against. It’s Putin and what he would do to this country. This is why resistance is important, maybe the most important. Trump’s abnormality has always been his strength, and as terrible a thought as it is, he will need to be normalized in order to be taken down. We’ve been going about this all wrong. What we did before didn’t work, but now we’ll have a presidential record to work with.

He’ll put people in charge of departments they have no business running. He will do normal Republican things like cut social programs, attack women’s health, and transfer government money to the corporate establishment. And that’s exactly the way to fight him. Turn him from the romping, populist, psycho Godzilla into the lying, scheming, empty puppet of the power elite. He will have to be normalized so much that it makes his supporters sick. We’re only as good as the promises we keep, and for the well-being of the country Trump needs to break every one he made. So far, he’s doing a great job.

Fight him on his appointments. Fight him on his policies. Fight him on his flip-flops and failures. Fight him on his scandals. Fight him on his tweets. Fight him on the disasters he causes and even the ones he doesn’t. Fight him not to feel good about yourself but because it’s the right thing to do. Fight him and make his administration bleed for every inch it takes and make their victories as bitter as defeats. Trump’s life needs to be made so miserable that he won’t want to run to again in 2020.

Democrats have lost a lot, but they’re not done yet. They have one more fight left in them. Democrats don’t need a top-to-bottom revamp. Clinton wasn’t a perfect candidate, but she still got three million more votes than Trump. He’s about to become the weakest president in modern times and he knows it. Democrats just need a better candidate next time. Someone authentic, populist, and fresh. That’s it and that’s all.

Trump only won those Rust Belt states by less than a percentage point or so, and with an assist from third-party shit birds. It may not be as hard to take this guy down as it appears. As long as Trump uses the office of the presidency to enrich himself, it will not play well in those states that handed him the 2016 election. A failed president doesn’t necessarily mean the country failed. Indeed, if and when Trump’s presidency fails, it will confirm that America did not.

It’s not your duty as an American to support Trump. It’s your duty as an American to destroy his presidency. So you fucked up and pissed away your best chance at a positive future. You still have a future. You’d hardly be the first person to screw up an easy one. Don’t make the same mistake twice. There’s still time to vindicate yourself. We have one more chance to stop this, and every day between now and 2020 is an opportunity. 


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