Why Hollywood should boycott Trump

Over the weekend actor Michael Sheen made headlines about his retiring from acting, that he was moving back to his hometown and becoming a full-time political activist to fight against the rising tide of global fascism. After it became a thing on the internet, he backpedaled, thereby confirming that he may indeed have a bright future in politics. I don’t really care about celebrities and their politics, but it raises an interesting question.

What if a bunch of (mostly) A-list Hollywood actors just up and said “fuck it,” and all took part in a work stoppage until Donald Trump is gone? It’s a fun idea. Bear with me. What if the actors who made all of those corny as fuck anti-Trump ads and threatened to move to Canada decided en masse to stop making movies and television shows until Trump resigns or announces he won’t seek a second term?

People are used to protesting movies and television shows for any number of dumbass reasons. Take, for instance, the “Rogue One” boycott, but, just for a second, imagine if Hollywood struck back. They’ve got the money; they can afford to sit it out for a while. They could put their money where their mouths are. Just imagine what you would do if every movie you were anticipating, every TV show you enjoy, suddenly stopped production, and with no way to fix it. You can’t recast Iron Man or Thor. What would happen if all The Avengers were like, “Sorry, America. No ‘Infinity War’ until Trump’s gone”?

All they’d have to do is get a lawyer to write a nice letter for everyone to sign saying that Trump is an existential threat to the American way of life and that they won’t be producing further work until he’s safely out of office. Others in the industry, like producers and directors, could sign on. The list would be meant to grow. It could even be expanded to include music. People could keep signing on. It could gain critical mass and make the country choose between Trump and everything they enjoy in entertainment. It could be the greatest protest movement of the 21st Century, and the attention-starved members who make it up would still get the adulation they crave. We all win.

America would have to choose between almost all of pop culture and it’s already unpopular president-elect. There would be no red carpets, no award shows, no celebrity news except the worse kind, politically speaking. Trump used the entertainment industry to become president and it would be a damn fine irony if that same industry is what could take him down. He’s already having trouble booking talent for Inauguration Day. Now imagine the entire country experiencing that problem. You can’t cast Chachi, Bruce Willis, Jon Voight, and Antonio Sabato, Jr. in every movie.

Oh, you were looking forward to the next mind-numbing summer blockbuster with Whoever The Fuck? Sorry, guess you’ll have a little extra time to think about your life. News and C-SPAN are your only options. Getting sick of that Trump guy? Forced to spend time wondering how many years you have left on this rotting, godforsaken, heating planet? Nothing to keep the kids busy while you enjoy the Obamacare repeal? Well, there’s an easy solution.

Think of the epic clusterfuck it would cause in American life. Yeah, there are already movies and seasons of TV in the can, and it would cause a historic cascade of lawsuits, but just think about a world where there’s no big summer blockbuster coming anytime soon. No holiday movie to take the family to. No big pop culture, zeitgeist-y moment to take part in and discuss with your friends and coworkers. No Marvel “Avengers” or “Star Wars” in queue. No “Big Bang Theory,” no “Walking Dead,” no “Empire,” no “How To Get Away With Murder,” no “Game of Thrones.” Nothing to distract the American public from the abject filth and insanity Trump will force them to live in.

Until then, it would just be you, the choices you’ve made, the hell you’ve wrought, and all the time in the world to think about it. What are you gonna do? Re-watch shows on Netflix for the next four years? Read? There’d be no distractions, no relief. Just Americans being forced to confront what they’ve done and figure a way out.

[photo: Getty]