Oh no the music lineup for Donald Trump’s inauguration ball is here

On Wednesday, the musical lineup for one of several of President-elect Donald Trump’s unofficial inauguration balls was announced. It has been widely reported how Trump has had trouble finding performers, despite allegedly bribing them with ambassadorships. The good news for those interested in purchasing a $350 ticket for the American Ball, being held January 19 at the Hyatt Regency, is that the bookers have secured performers. No, Kanye is not among them.

The headliner is none other than Nashville singer-songwriter Beau Davidson, who performed a rendition of “Stand by Me” with the aid of Ben Carson and Trump himself. Death and Taxes reported on the performance, and Davidson was not pleased with the coverage, as writer Stefan Sirucek characterized the performance as that of being “all quite awkward and embarrassing for everyone involved and goes on far too long.” After going after Sirucek on Twitter, Davidson pursued fellow Death and Taxes writer Chris Caesar, who subsequently catalogued his interactions with Davidson in a Medium post which must be read to be believed. The most telling indications of Davidson’s viewpoints were when Davidson applied terms like “beta male” to writer Caesar and further insulted the journalist by referring to him as “Christina” rather than “Chris.”

Other scheduled performers for the slated shit show include ’80s cover band The Reagan Years, who only play songs recorded during The Gipper’s presidency.

Wedding band The Mixx will also perform, along with a plethora of sad record scratchers including DJ Romin, DJ Young Rye, DJ Flow, and DJ Freedom.

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[h/t Consequence of Sound | Photo: Getty]