Smash Mouth remembers George Michael with poorly executed tweet

A tragedy has occurred with the passing of George Michael, and once again, Smash Mouth is here to make everything OK. When last we checked in on Smash Mouth, they were tweeting out a solemn message of remembrance on the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. They went pretty much the same route with George Michael’s death, only this time a spelling error was involved.

george michael red

It’s slightly more understated than the Pearl Harbor tweet — which has unsurprisingly been deleted — in that this image only features one Smash Mouth logo. Of course, there is the unfortunate misspelling of “be” which gave us the touching phrase “you will me missed.” It’s almost like poetry.

Not surprisingly, that tweet was also deleted and replaced with one devoid of spelling errors. It’s still not great, though.

It’s really strange that Smash Mouth feels they have to slap a huge Smash Mouth logo on everything. On top of that, the image itself appears to have been made with technology from a middle school computer lab in the 1990s.

Whoever is in charge of Smash Mouth’s Twitter feed deserves a huge raise, if we’re being completely honest. You can always count on them for a quick chuckle in the face of sad news.

[@Smashmouth | Photo: Getty]