Hacked Sony, Bob Dylan Twitter feeds falsely report Britney Spears’ death

Deviant hacker group OurMine is up to its old tricks, though this time, their message was far more disconcerting than a glorified customer-service update. Earlier this morning, the clandestine disrupters claimed responsibility for a series of cryptic tweets sent via Sony Music Global’s official account claiming Britney Spears was “dead by accident.” Naturally, the faux-announcement stirred up panic in some and suspicion in others, as “by accident” isn’t typically a clinical cause of death, let alone one disclosed via a record label’s social-media channels.


The offending tweets have been deleted, and Sony reps have yet to comment, though one of Spears’ reps did assure CNN, and thus the world at large, that the 35-year-old may not be that innocent, but she’s most definitely not deceased. And in a strange twist, fellow Sony artist Bob Dylan’s Twitter account was, apparently, also part of OurMine’s ploy, as it briefly broadcast a show of sympathy stating, “Rest in peace @britneyspears,” punctuated by a tear-drop emoji. That tweet has, as one might expect, subsequently been deleted.


Unfortunately, none of this is a sufficient distraction from the shocking news of pop icon George Michael’s untimely passing. If only that were a hoax.

[Billboard | photo: Getty]