Giant Trump-looking rooster appears outside Chinese shopping mall

The People’s Daily shared photos Monday of a giant rooster with a golden pompadour that popped up outside of a shopping center in the north China province Shanxi. The huge cock appeared in time to usher in the forthcoming Year of the Rooster.

Since Donald Trump is famous for his thick skin, a good sense of humor and an ability to laugh at himself, this statue of what looks like a ball sack hanging off his mouth from a world superpower he recently insulted should go over well.

In any case, the bloviating hand gestures really bring this sculpture to life for me.

Trump rooster appears in China

As Shanghaiist pointed out, this isn’t the first time Trump has been compared to a bird. His helmet of spun golden straw looks a hell of a lot like the plumage of “Little Red,” a Chinese pheasant living in Hangzhou Safari Park.


Of course, the president-elect’s resemblance to birds could also extend to having a similar brain size.

[Photo: Getty]