Smash Mouth follows tradition and remembers Carrie Fisher with cheesy tweet

Along with creating with party anthems such as “All Star,” “Walkin’ on the Sun,” and of course their cover of “I’m a Believer,” American rock group Smash Mouth is known for one thing – their lead singer Steve Harwell looks a hell of a lot like Guy Fieri. And of course their infamous tweets of remembrance every time a celebrity dies or to commemorate a national tragedy. On Tuesday, the day the world lost Carrie Fisher, Smash Mouth continued the tradition of tweeting #RIP with a memorial image plastered with their band logo that looks like it was designed on a Windows operating system circa 1997, the same year their debut album “Fush Yu Mang” was released.

Compared to the pop rockers’ message of remembrance for George Michael shared earlier this week, featuring a humiliating typo, their social media honoring of Carrie Fisher isn’t so bad. Sure, it’s cheesy as fuck and they still felt the urge to paste their logo across Princess Leia’s chest, but the use of a death star to create a pun (Hey now. You’re a Death Star….) certainly promotes their own work in a slightly less on-the-nose manner than Cinnabon’s Carrie Fisher death tweet (now deleted). As of time of reporting, Smash Mouth’s tweet still stands.

UPDATE, 8:30 p.m.: Smash Mouth has deleted the tweet. 

[@smashmouth | Photo: Getty]