Trump supporter films himself busting into a church service screaming about #Pizzagate

Earlier this year, Philadelphia resident Howard Caplan got his first taste of notoriety as a local crazy guy when he made a point to stand at a Northeast Philly intersection holding a “Hillary 4 Prison” sign and shouting that slogan at campaign events. Now he’s taking on the bogus #Pizzagate conspiracy as his pet crusade. According to Philly Voice, Caplan’s particular brand of activism involves busting in to The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic church during midnight mass on Monday and screaming about pedophilia.

“Pizzagate is real! Pizzagate is real!” shouted the 47-year-old. “The Catholic Church has been sexually abusing children — thousands of them for decades! Pizzagate is real!”

It’s a relief to see that Caplan wasn’t armed, unlike when Edgar Welch charged into the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop in D.C. with an assault rifle to blow the lid off the totally made up child sex trafficking ring run by Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

In fairness, Caplan isn’t wrong when it comes to the Catholic church’s long and disturbing history of enabling and protecting child molesters within its ranks. Pizzagate, on the other hand, is a far-fetched paranoid bit of fan fiction that belongs nowhere but the comments section of an Infowars video. That’s part of what makes the results of a recent YouGov/The Economist poll so alarming. According to the findings, 46% of Trump voters actually believe that the Clinton camp was pimping children out of the basement of a D.C. pizzeria. The fact that 17% of Clinton voters believed that the leaked Podesta emails laid out an encrypted child sex trafficking ring also seems particularly staggering.

Caplan’s outburst was brief, and he was reportedly escorted out of the parish by security.

[Photo: @Deplorable4L]