Bernie Sanders, who would have won, reads Trump’s healthcare promises on Senate floor

The Senate convened Wednesday to debate the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Senator Bernie Sanders, who almost certainly would have beaten Donald Trump had he run against him, took the occasion to read back some of Trump’s own statements on healthcare with the help of a giant print-out of one of the president-elect’s tweets.

Displaying his trademark fieriness, everyone’s favorite pissed off grandpa made it abundantly clear that the Republicans’ plan to repeal Obamacare would kick tens of millions of Americans off their current healthcare without any immediate replacement. “They have had eight years to be thinking about how they’re gonna come up with a new plan,” Sanders said, the shade rising in his voice. “They have no ideas. Their theme is to repeal and delay. You don’t destroy a house without having another house in which people can live. You don’t throw 30 million people off healthcare without having a new plan for how those people are gonna have healthcare.”

Next, Sanders read off statistics about how the majority of Americans think the federal government should be spending more, not less, on social security, Medicare and Medicaid: “The proposal we’re seeing from the Republicans today is way way out of touch from where the American people are.”

The ultimate mic drop came when Sanders read back Trump’s own campaign trail statements out loud on the Senate floor, including a tweet he’d had some tech-savvy staffer print out in a nice, readable size:

Sanders read two more quotes dating back to the primary in which Trump attacked his fellow Republicans for wanting to “knock out Medicare, Medicaid, and social security” and promised, “I’m not gonna cut it. I’m not gonna do what they wanna do.” (“That’s not Bernie Sanders talking, that is Donald Trump talking,” the Senator noted in mock disbelief.)

The man who would be president-elect now if it weren’t for the Democratic Party’s own shortsightedness finished by throwing down an ultimatum:

“If all that he was talking about was campaign rhetoric, then what he is obliged to do now is to tell the American people, ‘I was lying. I said that I would not support cuts…but I was lying, it was a campaign ruse to get votes, I had no intention of keeping my word.’

If that is not what the case is, if he is sincere, then I would hope that maybe tomorrow, maybe today, he can send out a tweet and tell his Republican colleagues to stop wasting their time and all of our time. To tell the American people that he will veto any proposal that cuts medicare, medicaid, and social security.”

Watch him say it again here in a press conference surrounded by fidgety super delegates who wish they could re-do the primary.

[photo: C-SPAN]