Fake news site uses real WWE screencap for Trump death hoax

Millions of credulous grandpas received quite a scare recently when a fake news site circulated a story about the untimely death of Donald Trump.

As reported by prestigious journalistic outlet FedsAlert.com (WARNING: #FAKENEWS), the then-presidential candidate was pronounced dead after suffering a “violent heart attack”:

Donald Trump was pronounced dead this morning following what some are describing as a violent heart attack.The world famous businessman and TV personality was previously treated for minor cardio vascular issues that followed a mild course of antibiotics.Fans have already taken to social media to express their emotions with hash tags #RIPTRUMP #TRUMPRIP #TRUMP4EVER. [Fact check: they had not.]

Donald’s family and friends have asked to be left alone by all press and media at this present time.

It finished with the classic fake news salvo:


The site does not date its articles, but Snopes saw fit to debunk it in October of 2016. This did not stop other fake news aggregators like “TheNewYorkEvening.com” from reposting it as recently as December. (Can you plagiarize a fake news story?)

For an image, the site used a still from Trump’s 2007 appearance on “Wrestlemania 23,” in which he took on WWE owner Vince McMahon in a “Battle of the Billionaires” that culminated in Trump shaving McMahon’s head. But before his victory dance was over, guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and clotheslined the Donald with a “Stone Cold Stunner” that left him sprawled out on the floor and foaming(?) at the mouth. I won’t pretend I understand that storyline, but the video is heartwarming:

Unfortunately for the fake news sites, this story hardly went viral, probably because the @realDonaldTrump never shuts up for long enough for anyone to believe he’s expired. Still, I’m glad it happened if for no other reason than it helped the world rediscover a video of Trump getting knocked over by a much larger man.

[h/t Politifact]