YouTuber edits blood, gore into violent ‘Home Alone’ scenes

If Kevin McCallister’s violent antics in the last third of “Home Alone” were replicated in real life, the Wet Bandits would’ve been dead long before they ever got a chance to be arrested. Marv would’ve probably bit it when he took that iron to the face, and Harry’s scalp would’ve melted off his head when he got blowtorched. Instead of eventually being reunited with his family, McCallister would be serving 30 to life upstate.

One enterprising YouTuber by the name of BitMassive realized this and edited the violence in a couple of the movie’s key scenes to more realistically reflect the damage that would be caused if you, say, happened to be clotheslined by a giant metal pipe. It’s called “Home Alone With Blood.”

The second video in the series ends the movie on a decidedly darker tone than the original.

[h/t Bro Bible]

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