A tribute to Oscar

Maggie Serota’s beloved cat Oscar passed away on December 22, 2016, at the ripe old age of somewhere between 15 and 20. He did not suffer in his passing. If we think of death as an awakening, Oscar’s eyes have been opened. I hope he is surrounded by his two favorite things: socks and Ritz crackers. – Daniel Ralston


I never had an opportunity to meet Oscar, but judging from the pictures Maggie posted, he was obviously a very special individual. His poise was always elegant and dignified, and his gaze was piercing. He had very intelligent eyes. He looked like the kind of cat everyone wishes they could have, the kind friends would be jealous of and make special trips just to say hi. – Steve King


Oscar was goth as fuck. We never met IRL, but just from seeing his little face on Instagram — so grumpy! so cute! — it feels like we hung out every weekend listening to Sisters of Mercy and eating great snacks. – Jenni Miller


Maggie, we’d been Twitter friends for several years, but the day we met as more than avatars, I told you a long, rambling and mostly sad (on several levels) story about how a few weeks prior my cat had died and I ended up having a breakdown at the Pitchfork Music Festival. You nodded. You got it. Losing your little person is tough, and not everyone understands that. You are a warrior for decency, and I’m glad that Oscar was there to make you laugh after a long day’s battle. He was everyone’s favorite Old Man Cat. He will be missed. We will all endeavor to pick up the slack, though the shadow is long. – Michael Tedder


Oscar looked good in a tuxedo. You can tell by looking into his eyes that he had an old and wise cat soul and that he loved you very much. I do not know about human soul mates or if there is a “one,” but when it comes to kitties, I do believe that we end up with the cats we do for a reason, and you and Oscar were meant to be. I also know that, like dogs, all cats go to heaven (although it’s probably a little bitchier and more luxurious than dog heaven) and I bet Oscar is having fun with his new kitty cat angel wings eternally grateful that life worked out for him in a way that brought him to you. Rest in power, Oscar! – Sophie Saint Thomas


Oscar was the best grumpy old man ever to be trapped inside a kitty cat body. I’m glad I got to meet him that one time I came over to check out your apartment. Like most Instagram celebrities, he seemed pretty over it, but I appreciated that he took the time to meow at me a few times before going back to doing more important things.

Black cats are special and Oscar was extra special. I can only hope that someday my own crazy garbage kitten grows up into a badass curmudgeon with a heart of gold like him. – Jamie Peck


Seeing photos of Oscar always made me smile. It was great staring at that face while I was painting him, and thinking about him keeping Maggie company and eating Ritz crackers. I know Maggie gave him a great life! – Joan LeMay


I never met Oscar, but from the many photos you posted of his handsome mug on social media, it’s obvious he was very-loved and cared for. We should all be so lucky to have as much. You did good by that cat, Maggie Serota, and it’s plain to see he knew it and loved you back for it. – Drew Salisbury


I never met Oscar, but Maggie is such a good writer that I honestly developed a fondness for him from the way she chronicled his love for her. All the stories of his unwavering gaze waking her up in the morning really stuck with me. I’ll miss hearing about him. – Nick Amadeus


Oskie’s infatuation with Ritz Crackers aside, let us *not* forget how often he terrorized his mother whenever she ordered sesame beef takeout. Rest in peace, little buddy. I’ll miss you. – Brian Abrams


Oscar’s top-notch scowl and the fact that his comfort always seemed predicated on somebody else’s discomfort made me feel very close to him. So sorry for your loss. – Jordan Freiman


Oscar doesn’t want me to leave. #blackcat #blackcatlove

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Maggie, it was so great when we would exchange texts with just pictures of our loving little idiots. Oscar’s blank, curt, and silly face was a constant source of joy on my phone and can only imagine that feeling was amplified by a million in your life. As any cat parent can attest, cats are the worst, but yours was of the best of them. – Jeremy D. Larson

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