You know Trump’s gonna install a flatscreen in the Oval Office, right?

On Friday, Donald Trump was briefed by the intelligence community on Russia’s interference in the presidential election. The president-elect described the meeting as “constructive” (even though, he added, it had “absolutely no effect” on the voting results), and, in the next 90 days, he promised his team would develop a plan to thwart cyberattacks. But, judging from his behavior earlier in the week, it’s questionable how much he plans to employ said intelligence to execute such a task. Or any task related to national security, for that matter.

Since winning the election, Trump has shirked any attempt to inform himself about the sorts of things a president-elect should be aware of — remember, Trump says he doesn’t need regular State Department briefings because he’s “like, a smart person.

And how did Trump get so smart? TV. Trump loves TV. He especially loves TV when he is on the TV. One of Trump’s earliest campaign profiles — long before he accepted the Republican nomination — detailed how he spent most of a three-hour flight watching footage of himself as he flipped between cable news channels. Later on on the trail, the candidate Trump couldn’t manage to sit through a 40-minute interview without getting distracted by a shiny screen in the corner of the room.

Trump has no need for intel briefings so long as he’s got TV. Most of his Twitter storms, whether about Ford Automotive, “Saturday Night Live,” his love for Julian Assange, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, correspond to something that aired on television in the previous day.

So you know he’s going to have a 65-inch HDTV installed in the Oval Office. (Click to zoom in on what will likely be Trump’s first housewarming gift to himself.)


Who needs the CIA when you’ve got Roku? Sure, meetings with foreign dignitaries are going to be more awkward when everyone’s forced to shout over talking heads in Dolby Surround Sound, but that’s just the price everyone is going to have to pay in exchange for getting a president who’s constantly got his finger on the pulse of everything being discussed on basic cable. You know, the real important stuff.

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