Man admits to secretly filming six women with his iPhone during sex

A man named Philip Johnson has pleaded guilty to six counts of invasion of privacy after admitting he had secretly filmed six women while engaging in sexual relations with them.

According to The Daily Record, the 29-year-old New Jersey resident and (shocker) finance bro used his iPhone to make videos of women who thought they were having private, non-recorded sex with him. In addition to the sex acts themselves, he filmed “intimate parts of the women’s bodies,” which makes it sound like he took footage of them when they were sleeping like some sort of serial killer. One of the women was 17 at the time, which is above the age of consent in New Jersey but still young enough that explicit images of her counted as child pornography.

The aspiring Patrick Bateman’s run of high-tech creepiness came to an end when one of the women discovered what he was doing and turned his hard drive over to the police. There were images of 12 women on it, but police could only identify six of them.

Johnson was initially charged with 11 additional counts, including six more counts of invasion of privacy and one count of endangering the welfare of a child, for which the prosecutor’s office proposed a plea offer of five years in state prison and registration as a convicted sex offender. However, Johnson’s lawyer was able to get the most serious charges dismissed in exchange for pleading guilty to the other six counts of invasion of privacy. Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Preziosi now recommends he be sentenced to 364 days in the Morris County Jail and a period of probation. Sounds like Johnson got his money’s worth.

Johnson’s sentencing is scheduled for February 24 and all six Jane Does have been informed. Time at the sentencing has been set aside for any victims who wish to give statements. I sincerely hope all six of them do.

[Daily Record | photo: Morris County Prosecutor’s Office]