A monkey fucked a deer

A monkey was observed fucking at least two deer in Yakushimaru, Japan, scientists revealed Tuesday. The behavior was recorded as part of a study on interspecies sex. Check out sex tape.

The AFP reported that, according to the scientists, “the monkey ejaculated on the backs of the does, which licked the seminal fluid.” Okay, calm down, scientists.

Not many animals besides humans are known to have sex for reasons other than procreation. It’s possible, researchers submitted, that the male macaque was drawn to the Sika deer because of “mate deprivation” — aka, dry dick.

“Sometimes young males, like the one in the study, do not have access to females in their social group as these are claimed by older males,” said study co-author Marie Pele. “This young macaque… did not have access to females, but was very excited. It took advantage of the presence of the doe.”

According to the researchers, these monkeys and deer live in close proximity to each other in Yakushima, with the deer often feeding on food the monkeys drop from the trees and even their feces. Scientists did not state whether the monkeys are also into scat or just like watching.

[AFP | photo: Getty]

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