Trump’s inauguration to have a ‘soft sensuality,’ says planner

President-elect Trump’s inauguration will have a “soft sensuality” rather than a “circus-like celebration” with celebrities, according to inauguration planner Tom Barrack.

The reason no celebrities will be there, as you know, is because they all said no. Not even Moby. A Rockette succinctly said she’d rather “lose her job” than perform at the inauguration, and a Mormon Tabernacle Choir member has already resigned rather than perform for Trump. “I only know I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler,’” she said, “and I certainly could never sing for him.”


So it’s like if you decided to throw a big party but everyone scribbled “fuck you” on their invitations and you were left alone with an extra from “Gilmore Girls.” That would indeed have more of a “soft sensuality” than a “circus-like celebration” vibe, I suppose.

[@tarapalmeri | photo: Getty]