Jeff Sessions hints during confirmation hearing that he could take away legal weed

During Tuesday’s confirmation hearings for Attorney General-designate Jeff Sessions, the Alabama senator hinted that he might enforce the federal government’s ban on marijuana. Currently still a Schedule I narcotic under federal law under the Obama administration, Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have held up a truce with states, allowing them to let local voters set laws around medical and recreational cannabis. Sessions says that may change.

“It’s not so much the attorney general’s job to decide what laws to enforce,” Sessions told the senate committee. “We should do our job and enforce laws as effectively as we’re able.”

Sessions hates weed. He hates weed so much that while he seemingly had no issue with the KKK’s foundation based on hate and racism, he allegedly thought they were “okay” until learning that some members smoked pot. Sessions told USA Today last April that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Funny how Republicans are all for states’ rights until someone wants a cannabis cookie.

Changes in cannabis regulations were one of the few reasons progressives had to celebrate this election. Ballot measures to legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana passed in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine, while Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota and Montana voted to pass medical cannabis. And, while Sessions’ response to “enforce laws” and his history of hating on Mary Jane are troubling, states’ right to weed group the Marijuana Policy Project told CNN they weren’t freaking the fuck out just yet:

 “It is notable that Sen. Sessions chose not to commit to vigorously enforcing federal prohibition laws in states that have reformed their marijuana laws. He also recognized that enforcing federal marijuana laws would be dependent upon the availability of resources, the scarcity of which poses a problem. He was given the opportunity to take an extreme prohibitionist approach and he passed on it.”

Just to be safe, if you plan on protesting at the Trump inauguration, best to grab one of the 4,200 free joints that activists will be passing out.

[CNN | Photo: Getty]