Former British spy who prepared dossier on Trump piss party identified

The former British spy who prepared the bombshell intelligence report that was published by BuzzFeed Tuesday has been identified by sources for the Wall Street Journal as Christopher Steele, a 52-year-old in London who now operates a private intelligence firm, and who will from this point forward will be referred internally within Death and Taxes as Deep Bladder.

Steele is the co-director of Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., which he runs along with one Christopher Burrows, 58. Burrows’ LinkedIn profile states he “was a counselor in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with foreign postings in Brussels and New Delhi in the 2000s,” which the Journal posits was potentially a front for espionage activities. Steele’s LinkedIn profile does not list any specifics about his employment.

Orbis’ website states the firm was “founded in 2009 by two former British intelligence professionals”:

London based, but with a global footprint, our core strength is our ability to meld a high-level source network with a sophisticated investigative capability. We provide strategic advice, mount intelligence-gathering operations and conduct complex, often cross-border investigations.

According to Journal sources, Steele created the document and a plan to get the information to law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe, as well as the FBI. Asked to comment on the firm’s work in general terms, Burrows said, “The objective is to respond to the requirements set out by our clients. We have no political ax to grind.” Steele was not available to comment.

No FEC filings from any campaign or Super PAC reported payments to the private intelligence firm, though it is possible payments were made through limited liability companies “whose ultimate owners may be difficult or impossible to discern.”

I tried to come up with some really ace James Bond piss puns for this post but had to outsource them to the staff.

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