Trump administration to appoint yet another Goldman Sachs executive

The Trump administration is set to appoint yet another Goldman Sachs executive as an advisor to the president, bringing the number of Goldman Sachs hires to a grand total of a lot.

According to The New York Times, Dina H. Powell will soon leave the powerful financial firm for a new job advising the Trump White House. She had previously been advising her friend Ivanka Trump on how to pretend her father’s presidency would benefit women in any way.

Formerly in charge of creating a thin veneer of civic-mindedness to distract the American people from all the ways her bank has viciously and repeatedly fucked us over, Powell’s role in the Trump White House will focus on “entrepreneurship, economic growth and the empowerment of women.” So, basically the same job she had at Goldman. (It bears mentioning that Powell has deep ties with both parties and could just as easily have been a Clinton appointee.)

Powell is not the first vampire squid tentacle to be awarded a role in Trump’s administration. The PEOTUS named former GS partner (and producer of the “Entourage” movie) Steven Mnuchin for Secretary of the Treasury, and GS president and COO Gary Cohn as director of the National Economic Council. Trump’s pick for White House chief strategist, white nationalist Steven Bannon, is also a former employee of the firm. It’s basically a family reunion at this point.

Of course, hiring the wolves of Wall Street to work in government, where they can influence regulatory policies for the industry that made them rich, is a storied tradition of Democrats and Republicans alike, but Trump made a big deal in his campaign about Hillary Clinton’s ties to the financial sector and how he’d stop the industry from wreaking havoc on average Americans via global market manipulations and expensive taxpayer bailouts. Either Trump was lying when he promised to “drain the swamp” or they have more power than he thought.

[photo: Getty]