Suspects in Kardashian robbery linked to Belgium black market

Kim Kardashian appears to be warming to the idea of public life again. Last week, the reality star posted on social media for the first time since her high-profile robbery in October. A new promo for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” teased her reaction to the incident and promised to reveal an inside look at her “life-threatening nightmare” when the show returns for Season 13 in March. It almost seems as if she’s ready to move on from the whole ordeal, and yet… more details surrounding the theft continue to emerge.

According to TMZ, Kardashian’s robbers have been linked with the Belgium black market where jewelry, among many other things we’re sure, are sold in the “diamond district” of Antwerp. The Belgian federal police are investigating, according to the report, despite the fact that Kardashian’s diamonds are almost certainly gone. It’s been over three months and “stuff on the illegal market just moves around too quickly.” Can’t say that’s too surprising.

Another TMZ article linked to the cited piece above claims that Kardashian is fully aware that the jewels are gone forever. “Sources close to the investigation tell us Kim’s legal team has been briefed by Parisian cops on the big break in the robbery case — rounding up 17 suspects — and they have made it clear the only way she’ll ever see the bling again is in photos,” it reads.

Among those 17 suspects was Kardashian’s chauffeur, who was recently released from custody according to CNN. His detainment hinted at the possibility of an inside job — or perhaps even a publicity stunt on behalf of Kardashian herself. It doesn’t look like that’s the case — nor did it ever, really. For now, Kardashian seems to be focused on family and, more specifically, keeping her husband Kanye West sane.


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