Anthony Weiner is reportedly living with his mom now

Considering our president-elect has been hogging the news for allegedly hiring sex workers to pee all over a hotel bed in Moscow, you may have forgotten about America’s former favorite sex scandal-riddled politician, Anthony Weiner. According to Page Six, he’s out of rehab and likely living at him mom’s in Park Slope… and waiting to hear if he’ll be charged for sexting a child.

According to Page Six’s source, now that the election is over, Weiner has found his higher power and is trying to get back together with Huma Abedin, from whom he is separated, as they co-parent their five-year-old son. It was the same son that Weiner included in his sexts to a woman (of age) that lead Abedin to announce their separation.

From Page Six:

“He knows he’s hit rock bottom. But now they are both out of the limelight, they can focus on their son. They are actually getting on pretty well, and he and his friends are hoping that they might reconcile.”

The source added that the impending divorce is still on. Despite the fact that Weiner is living at his mom’s, if Abedin reached her breaking point over the crotch shots with their child, it seems unlikely that she’d change her mind after news broke of sexts with a 15 year old. Horrible enough on their own, it was the underage sexts that granted the FBI access to Abedin’s emails and fueled the fire of the Hillary Clinton email scandal so close to Election Day. Love her or hate her, Abedin can do better. Don’t take him back, girl.

[Page Six | Photo: Getty]