A federal task force is investigating if Russia directly aided Trump

On Wednesday, Peter Stone and Greg Gordon of McClatchy DC are reporting that an interagency task force is investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia — specifically, “two people familiar with the matter” told McClatchy that the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, Treasury Department, and “representatives of the director of national intelligence” whether the Kremlin funneled money towards pro-Trump efforts.

McClatchy is the second outlet to report on the investigation, following last week’s report for the BBC by Paul Wood.

According to the McClatchy report, one of the subjects of the investigation is if a pension system used by Russian-Americans was used to either pay American hackers or intermediaries who would then pay the hackers. The task force has started working on this investigation before Christopher Steele’s dossier on Trump’s alleged Russian ties had ever been sent to the FBI. Those in Trump’s campaign with known Russian ties (i.e. Paul Manafort) are, not surprisingly, of particular interest to the task force.

McClatchy also directly confirmed the BBC’s report that the task force got a secret warrant for bank records from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on October 15.

A former NSA attorney told them that “if, in fact, law enforcement has obtained a FISA warrant, that is an indication that additional evidence exists outside of the dossier.”

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