Someone offers Marco Rubio a spine after his vote for Rex Tillerson

Marco Rubio blew his last chance of being on the right side of history when he voted in favor of President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson on Monday.

Tillerson’s cosy ties with Russia are extremely suspect, especially when coupled with the fact that he has no government experience, something typically expected of the person tasked with managing the nation’s foreign affairs. In his Senate hearings, Tillerson was taken to task by the usual suspects, including Tim Kaine. But surprising to many was the brutal line of questioning from Rubio, who called out the Exxon executive for his ties to Putin.

The seeming skepticism of the Republican Senator gave some hope that the GOP had a shred of dignity left and would reject Tillerson, whose views on climate change, oil interests, and chummy relationship with Russia will spell disaster for the planet. Those hopes were dashed, however, when Rubio announced he would not oppose Tillerson and hours later voted in support of the oil tycoon.

Afterwards, someone brought a spine and held it up behind the senator as he took questions, presumably to illustrate they thought the senator’s vote made him, well, spineless.

Rubio has consistently shown to be all talk, but his vote for Tillerson becomes even less surprising in light of Rubio’s own personal ties to the oil industry. In 2015, the senator released an energy plan that proposed expanding oil and scaling back environmental protections. He has also received large campaign donations from oil billionaires the Koch brothers, as well as other fossil fuel interests.

If you thought Rubio might turn his back on the planet-destroying assholes who got him where he is today, you have clearly not been paying attention.

[Photo: Getty]