Trump’s labor nominee once got butthurt enough to sue a competitor over two stupid ads

CKE Restaurants CEO Andrew Puzder has made it clear he’s not a fan of negative feedback. The Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s bigwig was reportedly reconsidering being Trump’s labor secretary nominee because of all the meanies out there. Turns out the man accused of being sexist and classist, and who may or may not have abused an ex-wife never was all that into criticism, as you can see from this absolutely inane 2007 lawsuit his company filed against Jack in the Box.

Raise your hand if you remember this ad for Jack in the Box’s sirloin burgers that implied Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s was making literal ass burgers? Go ahead and rewatch it. I’ll wait.

This “clever” commercial is just one of two ads CKE Restaurants took umbrage with. The other just has a bunch of commercial actors giggling at the word “angus” and was probably created from an ad exec’s scribblings on a Jumbo Jack wrapper stained with keef. It’s really not a nuanced takedown but Puzder was enraged anyway.

“I think Angus beef actually has sirloin as one of its cuts. And then when you try and take the ‘G’ out of Angus, which is kind of the joke in their ads… when you try and take the ‘G’ out, you know, and say that Angus beef comes from the hind section of the cow, you know, it’s just not true,” the bovine booty expert told NBC News in a cringe-worthy interview.

Puzder really couldn’t shut up about his troubles and gave numerous interviews about the hit his business took from the ads. “Angus is a breed of cow. It’s not a cut of beef,” Puzder maintained. It’s true. Sirloin’s a cut of beef. And all cows have anuses but not all cows with anuses are considered to be Angus cattle, which is a specific breed from Scotland.

The suit was ultimately thrown out, presumably because CKE Restaurants couldn’t find enough stupid people to answer “yes” on their survey of whether Angus beef came from the booty or not. Just 36% of the 404 people surveyed bought into it. Puzder kept fighting, though, eventually receiving a settlement over the scarring ads that chafed his own rear end enough to induce butthurt.

[CNN Money | Photo: Getty]