President Trump pretended to know Japanese during prime minister’s visit

President Trump greeted the visiting prime minister of Japan by welcoming him to the “Very Famous White House” Friday. It was indeed a historic meeting, but the president may have missed a fair amount of Shinzō Abe’s opening remarks to the press, as several reporters in the room noted it appeared he wasn’t wearing his translation earpiece.

However, as many others pointed out, Trump was nodding along in agreement as if he understood every word.

At some point though — sometime after Prime Minister Abe finished his opening remarks — Trump noticed the earpiece on his dais and realized its purpose.

However, at least one viewer at home thought the president may not have been using it correctly.

CNN confirmed it did not appear Trump was wearing the earpiece during Abe’s speech, and that the president does not in fact speak Japanese, but was following cues from his staffers who were wearing earpieces on when to laugh.


[screenshot: ABC News]