Jim Jefferies tells Piers Morgan to ‘fuck off’ for defending Trump’s Muslim ban

On Friday night’s episode of “Real Time,” comedian Jim Jefferies and overcooked baked potato Piers Morgan got into an argument over Trump’s Muslim ban that wasn’t so much an argument as Jefferies not entertaining Morgan’s bullshit.

The segment begins with Maher asking for an apology from people who said Hillary Clinton was the lesser of two evils, which is weird. The conceit in the phrase lesser of two evils is that the other option is worse, so anyone who said that already agrees Donald Trump is evil. If you want to say Clinton doesn’t deserve to be labeled evil at all, it probably means you don’t care when people die as long as they’re very far away. But Piers Morgan didn’t make that argument. He instead decided the most important thing was to defend his pal Trump when Maher brings up the Muslim ban.

“Calm down, Bill. There is no Muslim ban,” Morgan says. “If there was-” and that’s about as far as he gets because Jefferies immediately feels the need to chime in.

“Oh, fuck off,” he says succinctly. “Fuck off. It’s a fucking Muslim ban. He said there was a Muslim ban. There’s a Muslim ban.”

This is pretty much the same argument the Ninth Circuit Court used when they ruled against the ban, so it’s somewhat hard to argue that point. Nevertheless, Morgan tries. Jefferies again interrupts and explains that you can’t let Trump’s administration incrementally roll out these restrictions. It’s important for people to freak out immediately so that things don’t get worse, and yes, there were comparisons to Hitler.

Jefferies then calls Morgan a brown-noser, and when Morgan tries to act refined and tell Jefferies “your losing your audience,” Jefferies hits back with the tried and true method of settling arguments by round of applause. He also flips Morgan the bird as the crowd cheers.

Never one to lose gracefully, Morgan has been melting down on Twitter all morning.

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