Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn resigns

CNN reported late Monday evening that President Trump’s national security advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn has resigned from his White House position effective immediately.

The news of Flynn’s resignation comes mere hours after The Washington Post dropped a bombshell about how, in January, former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates disclosed to the administration that the nat sec advisor was likely compromised during his highly suspect communications with the Kremlin and was thus vulnerable to blackmail as a result. Yates was later fired by Trump after sending a letter instructing lawyers for the Justice Department not to defend the president’s travel ban.

On Friday, it was also revealed by WaPo that phone transcripts, taken by intelligence officials monitoring the calls of foreign diplomats, have Flynn in December — before being confirmed as a White House advisor — discussing with Russian diplomats how the U.S. could lift sanctions on Russia, and thus undermining U.S. foreign policy. In doing so, Flynn may have violated the Logan Act, a body of law that prohibits private citizens from conducting foreign diplomacy on behalf of the United States.

The alleged multiple calls in which Flynn discussed this policy change had supposedly taken place in a frantic manner and on the same day President Obama placed sanctions on Russia for their cyberattacks on the DNC. Read Flynn’s resignation letter below, via Time’s @ZekeJMiller:

[photo: Getty]