Trump announces Florida rally to soothe ego after all the pounding

Donald Trump announced Wednesday he would be holding his first rally as president this weekend at the Melbourne-Orlando International Airport in Florida. The timing couldn’t come sooner for POTUS, who has been having a rough go adjusting to his new job. Between the failed confirmations, failed executive orders, unflattering “Saturday Night Live” sketches, and of course, all those damn leaks, President Trump just can’t seem to catch a break! It’s almost as if he’s terrible at all this and had no business ever getting elected.

So it’s no surprise that he should pine for the days of the campaign, when thousands of supporters would show up to cheer his candidacy and beat up black people in his name. Honestly, it’s somewhat astonishing he’s been able to last as long as he had without hearing the screaming adoration of fans — Lord knows he didn’t get any of that over inaugural weekend — especially considering he’d announced his intention to keep up the ego-stroking rallies as president long before he was sworn in, so you know he’s had this on his mind.

Funny, though, that Trump’s graphic for the event mentions putting “America back to work,” considering this will literally be the third week in a row that the president has retired to Mar-A-Lago for a relaxing weekend of golf. The only reason the rally’s in Florida is so the president will be able to hop skip over to his vacation palace afterwards. And for how much Trump criticized his predecessor about taking vacations, 45 is giving 44 a run for his money — or more accurately, he’s giving taxpayers a run for their money.

According to Politico, each of President Trump’s weekend getaways to Florida have cost taxpayers $3 million. That’s a total of $9 million. President Obama spent a total of $85 million in taxpayer money on vacation over the course of his eight years in office. That means in his first month as president, Trump has already spent as much on vacations as Obama did per year. And that’s not even counting what he’s costing taxpayers so his estranged wife can sulk around in Manhattan.

[photo: Getty]