The next season of ‘American Horror Story’ will focus on the 2016 election

On Wednesday’s episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!,” Ryan Murphy, the producer behind “Glee” and “Nip/Tuck,” revealed that the next season of “American Horror Story” will be about the 2016 presidential election.

This decision aligns perfectly with Murphy’s scriptwriting instincts and commitment to keeping his finger precisely on the pulse, often distending this inclination to the point of parody. In the past, “American Horror Story” has included narratives about mass school shootings and mental institutions, so a season fictionalizing the traumatic nightmare in which we are all still living seems like something of an inevitability.

Murphy isn’t the only creative type jumping on the Trump saga bandwagon: Deadline reported on Wednesday that political journalist Scott Conroy’s pilot script entitled “Trump: It Happened Here” is the hottest read in Hollywood, and they have excerpts. Conroy’s perspective on The Donald is spattered with references to reality TV and the president’s conflict with Clinton:

“Zucker, meanwhile, tells his reporters at CNN’s New York HQ that Hillary Clinton’s win is inevitable and viewers are sick of politics and not particularly interested in watching. ‘We’re gonna cover it and cover it well,’ he says. ‘But we’re not gonna go overboard. People are sick of politics. Hillary Clinton is gonna win the Democratic nomination without lifting a [finger], and she’s almost certainly going to be the next president, too. Boring City. We’ll have to find new ways to keep our audience engaged with some Anthony Bourdain-style content… Let’s go find CNN’s Duck Dynasty. Let’s find our version of the Kardashians.’

No offense to Murphy and Conroy, but I can’t think of anything more artistically lazy than forcing your audience to endure a barely fictionalized account of history that’s so recent it’s practically the present tense. Trump has made it clear that his presidency will be defined by outright lies, shameless posturing, incompetence, and horrific abuse of marginalized American communities. We already have to watch this disaster in slow-motion once. Why make us do it again?

[photo: Getty]