Woke af child YouTuber has better political analysis than most adults

A child YouTuber by the name of Sceneable is “going viral” for his incisive political commentary.

Often clad in commie red, the cherubic youngster frequently holds forth on such relevant and grown-up topics as Trump’s Muslim ban, feminism, civil rights, and the injustice of the wage system. Despite his adorable misspellings — as sure a sign as any he’s making these videos without parental help — he’s smarter on these topics than most adults, although that’s admittedly not saying much.

In a video titled “We Still Need Black History Month,” Scenable gives a summary of the institutionalized racism faced by black people in this country, correctly noting, “blue lives matter is stupid,” as well as “anyone who doesn’t support the Black Lives Matter just supports the KKK, so how ’bout you guys can wear pillows on your heads?” How ’bout that, indeed.


In another video, he explains how women are oppressed in both eastern and western countries and proudly proclaims himself a feminist. His understanding of women’s oppression in Muslim countries could use some nuance, but his heart’s in the right place.


In a clip called “We Need Communism” (subtitle: “Don’t wine because you should share money you have too much of”), the kid lays out a basic case for expropriating the ruling class:

1.) “We really can’t have poor people, it’s not good for a whole class of people to be poor… we can’t just let people be homeless because they can’t get jobs.”

2.) Some admittedly muddled stuff about welfare that nonetheless arrives at the valid takeaway that communism is not the same as welfare.

He even has a video where he draws the distinction between the authoritarian state capitalism of Joseph Stalin — a terrible example of communism that’s been used to scare Americans away from socialist politics for decades — and his small ‘c’ communist belief in freedom, equality, and all that jazz:

While this kid might have some things to learn about the topics he’s covering, he’s doing pretty well for someone so young, and he does it with passion and charm (the frequent burps really seal the deal). May Sceneable continue to develop his left-critiques of various social institutions as he recruits the next generation of freedom fighters.