Chris Christie claims Trump forced him to order meatloaf at Valentine’s Day lunch

Things have been going pretty badly for President Trump basically since the moment he was inaugurated, but there’s still one thing he can count on in these hard times to bring him unmitigated joy: cucking Chris Christie. The president doesn’t squander any chance he gets to humiliate his former presidential primary opponent, whether it be offering Christie jobs in the administration he doesn’t want, making him bring him McDonalds, or mocking his weight in front of thousands of people. And now he’s ordering his lunch for him.

While guest-hosting this week’s “Boomer and Carton,” a New York-based sports radio show, Christie revealed that when he and his wife went to dine with Trump for Valentine’s Day lunch, the president made him order the meatloaf. “This is what it’s like to be with Trump,” Christie told listeners. “He says, ‘There’s the menu, you guys order whatever you want.’ And then he says, ‘Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.’”

Yikes. Now that’s a power move, treating Christie as though he was his 1950s housewife. And right after telling everyone else to order whatever they want. It’s as if he doesn’t trust the New Jersey governor to make the right decisions even when it comes to what he shoves in his mouth. “I’m telling you, the meatloaf is fabulous,” Trump added, according to Christie.

The two did not discuss any job openings in the administration, Christie said. Worse yet, he had to admit, “the meatloaf was good.”

[h/t @mattbinder | photo: Getty]