Tillerson bungles G20 hotel booking, forced to stay at sanitarium

Characteristic of blustering wild card-in-chief Donald Trump administration’s “fine-tuned machine,” new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s first major diplomatic mission was marked by lack of pre-planning and minor public embarrassment. The former Exxon CEO waited a tad too long to book a hotel room for this week’s G20 meeting of foreign diplomats in Bonn, Germany, and thus was relegated to occupancy at what we’re sure was a wholly accommodating sanitarium about a half-hour away, according to Bloomberg.

The gathering otherwise commenced without major issue, with Tillerson glad-handing his overseas counterparts and offering representative media little else besides canned assurances that the world is not on fire. But the logistical snafu is invariably another pockmark on the pimpled face Trump and his cabinet have shown to global citizenry and leadership of late. That perhaps explains why Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov felt emboldened to answer a query regarding relations between his nation and the U.S. by staring at the camera with a straight face and remarking, “We don’t interfere in other nations’ domestic affairs.”

As one might imagine, Russian media has had their share of fun with this latest foible, musing on whether Tillerson and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson conducted business while receiving side-by-side massages. Though in fairness to Tillerson, it’s not as if he himself had put “confirm lodging for must-attend conference” on his to-do list and let it slip his mind. This is what aides are for. Unfortunately, they were too busy laying off huge swaths of the State Department’s everyday workforce. Where’s George Costanza when you need him?

[Bloomberg | photo: Getty]